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Rhodes HR Consulting LLC is an independent company located in the Tampa Bay area, dedicated to delivering exceptional HR services to startups and small to mid-sized businesses across the United States. Our focus lies specifically on organizations that lack an internal HR department, often relying on individuals in Operations or Accounting to handle HR functions to the best of their abilities. This particular segment is our specialization, as we excel in providing valuable support and expertise.


Our mission is to establish strategic partnerships with organizations, helping them streamline their HR processes and enhance employee engagement and management. We strive to offer straightforward HR solutions that minimize complexity, allowing business owners to prioritize their core operations. Our primary objective is to empower businesses to run smoothly while leaving the complexities of HR to our capable team.

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The team at Rhodes HR Consulting, LLC are continuously guided by our uncompromising values to ensure clients understand how we work and what they can expect as we take this journey of growth together.

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Rhodes HR Consulting recognizes and respects the demands placed on small business owners who are focused on driving business growth, often leaving little time for HR management. Unfortunately, many owners tend to overlook this crucial aspect until it becomes an urgent matter that must be addressed.

This is where Rhodes HR Consulting excels! Our team possesses the expertise and experience to assist small companies in establishing legally compliant HR processes and procedures at a fraction of the cost of hiring an HR Manager. Additionally, we specialize in supporting mid-sized companies that already have some level of HR structure in place, enabling them to strategically navigate the next phase of growth.


With Rhodes HR Consulting, you gain a true partner, as we integrate ourselves seamlessly into your organization to handle even the most complex HR needs. Our goal is to become your trusted advisor, not only because of our technical proficiency but also due to our approach, which simplifies HR challenges for business owners. As a result, we consistently meet or exceed our clients' expectations.


We invite you to explore our range of services and discover how we can assist your organization.

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